About Us

Mark-Erik DiBiase

From the moment Mark-Erik received his first Kodak Instamatic in 7th grade – he instantly fell in love with photography.  However other “loves” such as sports and outdoor activities came first.  So he pushed photography aside – deciding he’d put it off until he was too old and decrepit to be active in skiing, biking, football, etc.

The creative passion came back when he co-founded a Music Video production company in Hollywood that grew to become one of the top production companies in the industry.  

So now – for many years, living in North Idaho and approaching the “old and decrepit” years – Mark-Erik enjoys sharing his creative talents from behind the camera.  As he likes to say, “I never get tired of seeing the pleased look on a client’s face when I surprise them with images that make the subject come alive, beyond what they’ve imagined possible.”

Brenden Goertzen

Brenden has always had a passion for telling a story through photos and video.  He serves as the done pilot, videographer, and photographer on the team. His love of photography and video started before he entered high school.  Along with his brother and friends, he used to video humorous scenes then attempt to make coherent short films. 

 Throughout his high school years it was common for Brenden to be seen with a camera over one shoulder and video camera over the other.  Brenden and a close friend were the first ever at their school to produce a year in review video for their senior year.  That video quickly landed him a summer job creating promo and week in review videos for a summer camp.

In college, Brenden was asked to help teach photography and dark-room skills to the journalism students.  After college Brenden relegated his passion for video and photography to being a hobby.  It wasn’t until becoming close friends with Mark-Erik, that Mark-Erik encouraged Brenden to consider using his love of telling stories through pictures and videos, to help people buy and sell their homes